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January 10, 2022by Christine DiSandro

Here are some interesting anecdotes regarding how astrological configurations can often  manifest literally. If you have any interesting stories to tell whether regarding Venus Retrograde or any other astrological configuration and would like to share, please let me know and I would be delighted to post and add to the collection.


A subscriber to the Astrology Podcast group comments wrote in to describe a very sad but very literal example of Venus retrograde and ghosts of the past.  They wrote:

“About a year ago, our friend was killed in a freak car accident.  Today my husband received a Facebook message from him.  Apparently, our friend’s account had been hacked.” The writer went on to say she hoped that the friend’s mother had not received such a message as it would be very painful for her.

Another Venus Retrograde anecdote (from AOL news 1/7/22)

In Dec 6, 1945, 22-year-old WWII soldier, John Gonsalves, wrote a letter to his mother in Woburn, Mass.  The letter was never delivered but sat in the Pittsburgh post office for 75 years.  Post Office staff found the letter and made it a mission to have it delivered. Although his mother had passed on and Johnny Gonsalves himself had died in 2015, his 89-year-old widow, Angelina, is still alive and living in Mass.  The Pittsburgh PO delivered the letter to her.  Although addressed and written to his mother, Angelina was overcome with joy. Seeing his handwriting (which is really beautiful), the way he expressed himself. and especially receiving it at Christmas time, his favorite time of the year made her feel like he was right there with her.  What a wonderful Christmas visit from a ghost of the past, thanks to Lady Venus Retrograde.


VENUS RETROGRADE CONJUNCT PLUTO Venus in her masculine persona cavorting in the underworld for 40 days of sex and pleasure. Betrayal and trust issues can arise  in relationships be it friends and/or lovers.

If you’re watching Emily in Paris this is a great example.  Art imitating astrology! Emily sleeps with her good friend’s fiancé, Of course, the friend discovers the betrayal and the trust between the girls is shattered.  Will Camille forgive her?  I haven’t watched the next episode yet, but I don’t think I would.  Trust is everything!


As a personal example, on Christmas Eve 2021, I unexpectedly received a check in the mail from a class action lawsuit stemming from past employment in 2018.  Usually, these checks amount to 0.75 cents or maybe 2 dollars.  This was quite substantial and certainly came at a much- needed time.  What a Christmas Gift and surprise. I think Lady Venus was conspiring by the fire with Santa! Thank you Lady Venus!

MARS IN SAGITTARIUS – Mars is currently in Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer

Mars in Sagittarius affecting Queen Elizabeth’s astrological houses of hidden enemies and the home and family, both literally the home and family and the ground we live upon, our foundations.  Positively, Mars symbolizes, young men, warriors, courage, and energy and negatively as assassins, aggression, violence, mayhem, war.

On Dec 25, 2021, the Washington Post reported that they were assessing a social media video of a masked man clutching a bow and arrow saying he wanted to “assassinate” the Queen. British tabloids linked the video to an armed intruder arrested on Christmas Day on the grounds of Windsor Castle. He was carrying a crossbow.  He was arrested within moments of breaking into castle grounds.







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