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All consultations are pre-arranged with you. Consultations are available either in person, by telephone, Zoom teleconferencing or email (add $25.00 for email written reports). Tarot rates are $75.00 for 20 minutes and $195.00 for one hour.

Natal Chart


Includes chart calculation and 1 hr interpretive meeting. $25 for each additional 15 minutes.

This is the foundation – the scheme for all the events in our lives and upon which all other charts for the individual are based. The birth chart is our own personal roadmap that gives insight into who we are, our style, and whom and what we are likely to encounter as we progress through our world.

Transit &
Progressed Charts


1 hr interpretive meeting. $25 for each additional 15 minutes.

What’s happening today. Transits and progressive are specific charts that compare how the planetary aspects in the sky today are affecting your natal birth chart and give insights into the current events occurring in your life.

Solar Return &
Birthday Charts


$25 for each additional 15 minutes

A look at  your own personal new year to come. A yearly chart is erected for the time when,  in the current year, the sun returns to the exact position it held at the time of your birth. This chart is a wonderful indicator of your overall new birthday year.1 hr interpretive meeting. .

Horary Charts


per question

Answer specific questions and are particularly helpful for locating lost items based on the hour/time the astrologer hears and understands the question. The question must concern a serious matter or situation and not all questions are able to be answered. The question cannot be asked more than once unless something affecting the situation has changed dramatically.

Synastry Charts


Two people only

How are we together? This analysis examines what each person brings to the relationship, what are the benefits and pitfalls that might be encountered. 


20 minutes
60 minutes

The origin of the Tarot is a mystery. Some say Renaissance Italy, and France where it was first played as a card game. Others feel it came from the ancient Arabic world. Although no one really knows its beginnings, we do know the images have been used as divinatory tools since around the 18th century. Today Tarot Reading is more popular than ever. The mythic images awaken that part of us which allows the practitioner to access information from the greater collective – information that is there for all of us, if we allow ourselves to be open and seek honestly. When we feel overwhelmed with life’s questions, a Tarot reading can provide insight and guidance to aid us in our choice of direction.


Customized just for you, these reports are great for an overview of your horoscope and trends. They are sent directly to you via email.

Computer Natal Report: $15.00
Solar Return Report: $15.00
Daily Transit Report:
• One Month – $15.00
• Two Months – $20.00
• Three Months – $30.00

Reiki Healing, Hypnotherapy and past life regression

Reiki Healing $50 half-hour session
Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression $150.00/hour

I am a Reiki Master, guild certified hypnotherapist and past life regressionist.

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